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    So I have some big questions for everybody here in this little corner of the internet! ^w^
Lately I've been heavily focusing on digital art. And in particular, I've been focusing on developing a character called Gossam.
I also have a story that I'm working on. I've actually written before in the same plot-universe, but I did it with friends, and can't really reuse it here. Do you lovely few think you would enjoy occasional literature/story posts? I've 'promised' this before, I know... ditzy me. My apologies. But I like to think that I'm constantly improving on my responsibility skills, and I think I might be able to do it if I just get a good starting place for a deviantArt-only, interesting plot. ^w^
Gossam, however, doesn't have any place in the story; he's just a character that I idly thought up, and is completely unrelated. So, should I use him as a mascot/theme for my page? I recognize that, without Core membership, I'd probably not be able to customize it much. But that brings me to my next set of questions: Should I get Core membership? Do you think it's worth it? Would any of you be willing to support it? I really love the idea of having a crisp, customized page with Gossam as my mascot, but in my current shaky situation, I don't know if it would be impactful or if I can manage it with my poor skill.
But that's all of my questions for you lovely few today~! ^w^
I look forward to posting more art~
Alrightie, I finally remembered to do this and had the time! :D
I was tagged by WishingStarInAJar, so comment and I will:

1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your dA page for 20 seconds.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element I believe you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.).
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you or your art.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what am I watching/listening to right now.
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of.
10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already.

Have fun, you happy few~
WishingStarInAJar, here's my entry for the competition~! 


    The afternoon sun cast glaring light over the trees in Gnarled Barklee’s Forest, sending dappled shades of red and gold onto the feathers of lazy Tofu. Soft, downy feathers drifted away in the wind, as eerily glowing Ghost Bliblis came out to wander. Tan birds fluttered lazily over the ground, pecking idly at seeds and carrying on with their lives.

    Serridan flexed his wrists from within a large ring of mud, facing the hoard of Tofu he had attacked. Down flew as the scent of singed feathers filled the air, mingling with that of pure Wakfu; cyan flashed as portals appeared behind Tofu, exploding with the lethal Tempests of energy that were carried through them.

Within moments, the battle was over, and a shining key, decorated with a disk resembling the fat birds, lay on the ground. The Eliotrope picked it up, grinning. It was what he had been looking for, as was evident by the expression on his face. Nearby, an Astrub Mercenary Knight shouldered his lance. “That’d be two keys, boss. We can get into the House, now.”

When the Knight said ‘House,’ he meant the Bonta Tofu-house. It was well-known by all Bontarian citizens, as the infamous Royal Tofu had been fighting both pretenders to the throne, and wannabe-heroes, for a long time. Quite a few Twelvians had been sent back to the kingdom of shadows, and the Eliotrope boy intended to prove himself by defeating the massive bird.

Ancient birch trees towered over the pair as they made their way through the sun-dappled forest, each on a dragoturkey... Staring idly up at the gently swaying branches, Serridan was secretly a lot less calm than he looked. “I need to prove, somehow, that I’m a force to be reckoned with,” he thought to himself. “I have to show them all what I can do. Yugo, Alys, even Chibi; the dragons, master Joris… It’s a long shot, but I have to make it, I want to prove myself to them...”

Lost in thought, the Eliotrope felt as if no time had passed before the shack loomed in front of him. He handed a key to his companion, and inserted his own into the giant lock, twisting it hesitantly. There was a noise as metal shifted, and the rusty gate creaked open…

Serridan stepped onto the straw-laden floor, dim sunlight streaming into the dank room from the rafters. Tofu turned to look at him; they were small, and he dispatched them easily with the Knight’s help. Two other battles were won without a hitch… until they came across a large room, completely unlike the rest of the dungeon so far.

The floor was composed of polished and carved stone, with a large “II” engraved in it. There were no chips or cracks in the walls and ceiling, and the only light was from wall-mounted torches… Fat Tofurbies glared up at them, scrambling forward.

One of them rolled into the Eliotrope boy, slamming him roughly against a wall. Stars danced across his vision, and he didn’t manage to see what happened to his companion. Grunting, he heaved the aggressive bird off of him, blasting it with bursts of Wakfu.

The bird jumped at him again, flapping its stubby wings, and he flinched, quickly casting an Eliotrope barrier. It threw them both apart and coated him in shimmering Wakfu, offering minor protection from the next attack.

He held his hands out and cast two zaaps, pushing one through the other and generating a massive beam of Flux. It tore across the room and left a trail of Wakfu in its wake, singing his opponent badly… It jittered, panicking from the damage it had sustained, and barrelled into Serridan again, the weak barrier protecting him shattering.

His breath left him in a huge gasp; he dropped back onto the ground and into a suddenly-appearing portal, materializing behind the Tofurby… Shouting with effort, he cast a Wakahema, and the bird was gone in a burst of Stasis.

The Astrub Knight had handled the other one, and seemed considerably battered and bruised as well, but neither of them had sustained any apparent, major injuries. “Should only be one room left, boss... Hope we both get out of here alright.”

Serridan gripped the rusted bars of the last door, tugging it open with some difficulty...

The Royal Tofu stood staring back at him: a huge, pompous creature, with a tiny crown perched on its head. Two more Tofurbies stood beside it, and a crowd of small Tofu was standing in front of them. “... You handle the Tofurbies… I’ll attack the king.” The knight nodded and brandished his lance, sprinting forward and slashing through Tofu.

The Eliotrope didn’t have time to see how it went. He blasted Wakfu onto the ground in front of him, demolishing several Tofu at once, and cast a cyan Zaap near the king. Before he could dash through its counterpart, though, the monstrous bird had already rammed into him, hurling the boy back against a pillar.

Meanwhile, the Astrub mercenary had just stabbed his lance deep into one Tofurby, before the other one smashed into his back beak-first. Grunting in pain, he fell over, thrashing against the animal with his weapon. He could feel blood spreading across the back of his uniform.

Serridan dropped through a portal and appeared again over the King Tofu, blasting Wakfu repeatedly against its back in long rays. Spinning around, it kicked him savagely and sent him flying across the arena, but he vanished through another Zaap.

Blasts of energy shook the foundations of the dungeon as he Zaapped across the room, sending showers of cyan sparks everywhere. Blow after blow hit the King, and it cleaved his talons into the boy’s arm and chest... just before collapsing into a lifeless heap.

The knight limped up to him, putting a hand on his shoulder, as the young boy grinned excitedly. “I did it-- I did it!!!” Throwing his hands into the air, he jumped back and forth from one leg to the other. “I did it I did iiiit~!!”

The sun was setting over the trees as Serridan walked outside, wearing a huge smile… and a feathered, golden amulet, with a round blue stone set in the middle. “I beat him,” he shouted. “I beat hiiim!!”

Smiling proudly under his visor, the Astrub Knight weakly shouldered his lance and winced under its pressure. “... We should go get rest.” The boy nodded, and they set back off through the ancient trees...

Alys belongs to WishingStarInAJar, Serridan belongs to me.
The Astrub Mercenary Knight, Gnarled Barklee, and Tofu all belong to Ankama. 
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I'm working on getting an upload ready for today, but I have big plans for it, so I want to keep working on it through tomorrow. Sorry for the delay! I've had it a little rough for the past few days. ^w^
I desperately need to get some art done for today, but my tablet pen is acting up again and nothing seems to be fixing it.
Working for 50 watchers~! It's super duper exciting!
I want to do something special for my first exciting hallmark, like maybe a nsfw or the first chapter of a story! Anyways, thank you very much, you lovely few, as get so close to 50 watchers! :D
I apologize in advance for blanket-posting on art I've viewed; I do take the time to look at and appreciate the art that I like! ^w^
I have a lot of notifications every day (over a thousand) and very little time to spend running through them, so typing out a unique comment for each person is time-consuming. I'm very sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings with such bland, copy-paste type comments, but I want to let you lovely people know that I do very much like your art! ^w^
Okay, so I don't have tomorrow's art ready, so it's going to be posted late in the evening instead of early in the morning (going by my time, that is). Apologies in advance~


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United States
I'm an aspiring artist saving up for better equipment and schooling. I'm trying my best to make everybody proud! ^w^

I make daily uploads excluding Sunday, and I apologize in advance if I miss chunks-- My life is very unstable.

Feel free to browse my page, comment, and if you like my work, please support it by watching, favoriting, or buying a print! ^^


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